“Find your quarantine side hustle and run with it.” — Jared VanderMeer

Earn a Secondary Income with Less Investment

As technology improves and people have more flexible options available, side hustles have moved from the sidelines and into the forefront. COVID-19 lockdowns showed this more than ever. As people worried about how to pay the bills in a time when employment was more uncertain than ever, quarantine side hustles became the talk of many internet forums and social media groups.

I have a deep interest in how businesses operate, so I found myself paying close attention to all of the options, looking at what would make the most sense for people. My question was, “How can someone make an…

If you’ve ever been on a tour of a vineyard or winery, you’ve seen some of the most top-quality marketing at work. Winemakers are as much in the consumables industry as the tourism industry, and there’s a good reason that travellers take the time to visit their favourite wineries.

Why Okanagan Wineries and marketing the right way — Marketing Vlog

This year, I headed to the beautiful Okanagan region in British Columbia, Canada (near Kelowna). It’s a place known for sprawling vineyards and charming wineries. During my visit to some of those wineries, I stopped to think about why wineries…

If you don’t have an influencer program, it’s time to start working on one. The world’s top brands are harnessing the power of influencers, and the secret is, you don’t need to be a multi-billion-dollar brand like Amazon to do the same.

When I talk to brands about influencer marketing, most of them tell me they don’t have the money for it. I ask them if they’d be willing to give away a few products and services for a long-term pay-off for their brands, and then the conversation shifts.

Jared VanderMeer Vlogging in Kelowna, British Columbia

Two Types of Influencer…

Shooting a BRoll Challenge in West Edmonton Mall — Jared VanderMeer

Last night was a sleepless night because I was too busy dreaming about… you guessed it! B roll!

There have been some incredible B roll challenges on YouTube in the recent past. We were inspired by the Peter McKinnon B roll challenge. So, with that goal in mind, Q and I had it out in an epic cinematic B roll film challenge.

We decided to film in West Edmonton Mall (WEM) — the largest mall in North America. We knew it would give us a ton of opportunities for amazing B roll footage, and we probably wouldn’t even cross paths…

What Makes a City or Brand Stand Out Above the Noise?

If you’ve seen any of my marketing vlogs on YouTube before, you know I’m a big fan of observation decks. This is where the story of a city comes to life before your eyes. Any city that doesn’t currently have an observation deck needs to get on it now!

I love visiting observation decks, but I also like to use them as an example when I’m talking about branding with clients. It puts the idea of “standing out above the noise” into perspective (and perspective is not hard to get when you’re hundreds of meters up!)

An observation deck…

NY City Subway — Jared VanderMeer filming a Marketing Vlog

There’s one thing digital marketers often forget, and it’s that people know what they want. Audiences are leading the way in our digital content. What’s valuable to them changes fast, and it’s our job to get out there and find out what they find valuable right now and create it before another brand does.

Focus on an Experience First

For your audience, your brand isn’t about your products and services; it’s about the experience you offer. That’s what people want to see and what they can connect with. …

Jared VanderMeer — Edmonton’s Top Business and Marketing Podcast

If you’re a podcaster, you’ve probably had some challenges with getting great guests out to your how. I’ve recently been working on finding people for my #TalktoJV podcast. It’s not always easy to get podcast guests out to speak, but over the past year, I’ve had some excellent local entrepreneurs, podcasters, and digital marketers out for great conversations on the podcast. It takes hustle to get those people in the studio to share their stories, but if you put in the time, you’ll find them. Here are a few of the strategies I’ve been using:

Send Out Emails to Get…

When I talk to clients, I ask them where they want to build their brands. Most of them say they want to take their brands global. That’s a great goal, but building a global brand starts with building your local brand in the sphere you’re already influencing. True believers and early adopters are the people who will help you build bigger, so start by finding out what value means to them and offer more of it.

Jared VanderMeer shooting content in the UK — Digital Marketing Tips

Start Where Your Followers Are, Then Build Out

The best place to start your marketing and begin creating and correcting is…

A Canadian TikToker doing a Views Experiment — Jared VanderMeer

Okay JVers. We decided it was time for a TikTok takeover experiment. The team got full control of my TikTok account yesterday and went wild creating and posting ten videos in a single day.

The goal was to see how quantity impacts TikTok likes. Content creators like Gary V have started talking about how quantity in marketing matters. I think quantity and quality need to be balanced, but the team and I wanted to put the “quantity theory” to the test specifically for TikTok. Basically, our questions were, “does posting more often on TikTok get more likes? More followers? …

Jared VanderMeer in Montreal — Canadian Content Creator

Over the last few years, I’ve experimented with virtually every platform out there: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest… the list goes on and on. The team and I have been posting, creating native content, measuring metrics, and creating and correcting to see what works for clients and ourselves.

I’ve found that there’s just one important thing that all of these platforms have in common: audience interaction is what builds a community. It’s the individual follower or fan that matters most when you’re looking at any social media platform.

The problem is that most brands are treating digital marketing less…

Jared VanderMeer

I recently published If You Sell, You Lose, my first marketing book designed for businesses, brands, and marketers. Videos and marketing tips on YouTube.

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